The wonderful nature inspires us to build lasting peace in our minds, to rethink the harmonious communication between man and nature, and that is the original creativity what makes Makore. As an art-beats-nature product, its wide array of colors and the rough but orderly textures have creatively incorporated the natural woods, strongly presenting the beauty of original ecology and the pure fervency from nature.

Air-Purification Tiles

Applying sophisticated techniques, which adds air purification function to products, Dongpeng’s new series of air-purification tiles has been well respected by its vivid decorative effects, superior durability and excellent purification performance


Lurax catches the beauty of sandstone in nature perfectly with its vivid texture endowed by tiny granules. Besides, the winding silver line, which extends lengthways on its surface, breathes the vitality and a sense of dynamic into spaces. Lurax is eminently suitable for adorning spaces in an elegant way

How to repair my tile?

When harmonious coexist of human and nature becomes a distinctive sign of uniqueness, ANDES has turned out as a celebration of natural materials and advanced technical characteristics, lending spaces a distinctive character and a perfect balance. Its excellent architectural performances have definitely contributed to the wide application in different residential and commercial projects.

“Rilievi”, designed by Zaven | Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno, is the new collection of high-impact interior design coverings that overturns the traditional rules of ceramic tile creation: three-dimensional elements with different geometric forms and colours decorate the large slabs by CEDIT, transforming walls and spaces into imaginative scenarios that constitute real works of art.


Epika is a collection intended to make spaces unique through a balance of design and nature. It summarizes the dialogue between architecture and living comfort.