At the beginning of our starting and undertaking, Dongpeng promptly showed the slogan of "In the multifarious building ceramics, Dongpeng will take the lead."

Our Team

Shirley Wang

Manager of Procurement

After graduating from the world-renowned Warwick business school, Shirley has set her mind to pursue a career in the logistic industry. We are very lucky to have her on board with the connection from one of her alumni, she is now in full charge of the procurement and logistic side of DP Canada. With her uncompromising aesthetic sense and outstanding business intelligence, DP is able to bring in the latest and most brilliant concept of porcelain tile design into the west coast. She loves food, wine, and fashion, and resides in lower mainland with her husband.

Bryan Shen

Manger of Business Development and Director of Finance

Bryan has always been keen about developing innovative and sustainable financial modeling. He turned down the job offer for Associated Professor in Insurance and Risk Management program at the faculty of Finance, City University of London but took DP’s invitation instead as his sees the promising trend in this new expansion of a well-established enterprise. He has been proactively participated in the sales activities from the start too, all because that he thinks the best business ideas always come from those who fight at the front line.

William Wang

General Manger

As the only senior deputy from the DP head office, William is the key person who bridges the head office’s overall strategy of globalization into DP’s detailed implementation of localization. He said, as we quote, “Despite our 47 years of success in Asian market, we are a complete blank sheet of canvas here that is waiting to be painted with the most harmonized shades and hues. There are norms and regulations which has existed long before, and we will honour them with our honesty.” Being one of the very few scholars who have jointly facilitated the early development of China’s “Open Door Policy”, William has an un shakable belief in the sustainability which healthy reciprocal trades can bring. He now enjoys his pre-retiring life happily with his newly born baby granddaughter in Southwest Richmond.

Jocas Salanga

Director of Operation

Raised in Greater Vancouver Area, Jocas have seen this community grown and developed to what it is now. He believes that it’s his duty to help the local businesses grow and see their successes without compromising the highest level of customer service to the consumers. Wherever he goes, he’s been instrumental in helping companies grow from ground up. Prior to joining DP, Jocas have had extensive experiences in management capacity, both in government and private companies. The dual degree in Structural Engineering and Business Management has helped him to gain well-rounded work experiences through a variety of industries encompassing health, construction, and logistics. With him overseeing all operational aspects, the management team will be able to plant DP’s root deeper.

Ensen Yao

Manger of Sales and Marketing

Ensen moved to BC upon his graduation from the university of Western Ontario in early 2013, he then resided on Vancouver Island for a couple of years. Before he joined DP, he worked as a general manager of a modest sized hotel and a very diligent realtor. His unique interpretation of the demographical changes in REITs helps DP proactively seize the upcoming trend in the booming construction industry in West Coast. Once an honour tenor at the university choir, Ensen has never lost his passion in singing. He enjoys reading, swimming, and playing badminton after work. He now resides in Surrey area with his wife.

Eric Han

Manager of Warehouse Operation

Anyone would be surprised to see our orderly and efficient warehouse layout came from the hands of a former sous chef. Eric cultivated his skills in inventory management along the way, during his time of studying at the Concordia University, Québec. To him, pinpoint certain boxes of tiles in the warehouse is no different than getting a bag of veal fillets out of the freezer. His mastery of Excel commands allows our sales team to know exactly what was in and out and what is being held for how much longer. Out of the office, Eric is also a serious photographer who specialized in scenic shots and a passionate cook who has been trying to develop a revolutionary fusion recipe.